Indoor Asset Tracking solution

Managing multiple assets is never easy, our cutting edge Asset tracking hardware + software solution makes it simpler to manage multiple assets at a single point of time.

Patient Tracking solution

With our highly advanced BLE pixel technology we provide seamless patient tracking experience to the hospital in combination with our robust and reliable backend platform.

Staff management & Tracking solution

Management of staff is tricky sometimes, with our smart patient management solution we allow businesses to manage and track their staff working onsite or in the premises

Smart Watch Solutions

For corporate and warehouses, the need for employee tracking is at pace. Our smartwatch solution solve the employee tracking and management problems which many companies are currently facing.

Indoor Navigation

Our indoor navigation solutions is one of the best in the industry which provides step by step navigation to users with a high level accuracy and precision inside any kind of complex arena/premises

Augmented Reality

We provide AR Based way finding solution which has a virtual bot avatar which guides the user from source to destination. This mobile App solution not only navigates but provides some decent suggestions to the users.