Internet of Things

Internet of things is one of the most emerging technologies from last decade. We believe with IoT the limit is the sky. We have worked on various IoT based solutions such as Asset Tracking, Smart watch employee tracking, Fleet management, Falcon tracking and many more.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming many businesses these days. We develop custom AI based solutions which can give your business a competitive edge. We have successfully delivered custom AI based solutions which can analyse physical world, grasp & interpret human languages. 


Big Data

From several decades it has been observed that data management & analysis has played an important role in the growth of many companies. We have worked on Big data for various companies from industries such as supply chain, Healthcare, Automobile, Hospitality, FMCG companies.

product engineering

Product Engineering

As we trust that product analysis and engineering are the two pillars to any solution’s success. We follow the Agile method for the design and development of any solution which we onboard. Our team is pro efficient to execute and deliver the project which can match our client’s expectation and help them grow eventually.

Product Engineering

Embedded Systems

Since we are into Internet of things we work on embedded system too, we have a embedded team who works on custom hardware design and development. Our embedded team has experience with working on IoT, NB-IoT, Lora, NFC, RFID, etc. We also work on PCB design & development. Get in touch for your custom embedded solution.


Augmented Reality

Better experience is all one need these days and Augmented Reality is making it happen. We work on AR based navigation systems with personalised virtual bots which can be implemented to Hotels, Airports, Healthcare centres, Public events, exhibitions, and what not. We also work on AR based recognition solutions for various industries