Our Healthcare solutions

Patient Tracking

Hospital Asset Tracking

Indoor Navigation

Our Process


Concept Analysis

Our process includes a proper and In-Depth analysis of the particular requirement. We consider project analysis as the main and foremost important part of any Idea or concept.

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Based on the request we create the develop the solution as per your need. Every business has different use case and with our solution we make it easy for them to fulfil their needs by providing custom designed solution 

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Upon approval and full fledged testing of the solution the deployment & Maintenance comes into the picture. A product launch is crucial and important, we consult and guide our clients and make sure they don’t face any trouble.

What other verticals we serve

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Our Indoor navigation is a promising solution for Hospitals and we have successfully deployed custom indoor navigators in 10+ hospitals and healthcare centres.


Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality is at the Boom these days. Our team has successfully deployed various smart solutions for Airports, Metro stations and Hotels across the globe.

Car on asphalt road in summer


In the Automotive industry we successfully delivered fleet management solutions for some major companies across Gulf, Europe and Africa.


Events & Exhibitions

We have successfully deployed some promising solutions for Events and Exhibitions. Our AR + Map based navigation technology enables instantaneous route planning from the current location to the desired locations.

Industrial port and container yard

Logistics & Supply chain

For Logistics and Supply chain Industry we have delivered cutting edge Asset tracking hardware + software solution which allows to manage multiple assets at a single point of time.



For corporates we delivered personnel tracking solution based on RTLS technology. Through this smart solution the employer can track at anytime and anywhere the work behaviour of their employees.


It has been a pleasure working with Ingenio data. They have made my Idea into a success. Highly recommend.
Chris Jones
What an innovative team ID is. We have worked on three projects and they delivered them all on time with perfection. I'm happy to have you as my technology partners 🙂
Joanna Simmons
Highly professional & Innovative team. I can say I made a top decision choosing them as my team for my projects.