About us

Our Story

We are a team of motivated entrepreneurs that make lives easier for people across the globe with the help of technology and part of In5 Start up program since mid 2019.

We are passionate about technology and bringing the smartest solutions to the market, and that’s what we are up to.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make things smoother with extended innovation and better user experience for our customers and people out there. With IoT we are all set to bring a revolutionary change in how people manage business and interact with each other. We are on a mission to make this earth a better place with some tricky innovation which can eventually result into better user experience.

CEO's Message

Starting this company was a simple response to the needs of the market. We are focused on the accuracy and quality and we did this together with a high qualified customer centric team. Innovation is key, and we will not stop doing this because this is part of our DNA. Therefore we keep on listening to our clients and never stop exploring new opportunities. Once working with our team, you will notice the positive difference and we want to keep it this way.